Self Defense: Why I Do What I Do.

I have taught Taekwon-Do and self defense for the past 14 years.  Seven years ago, I “started” writing a book, Common Sense for Self Defense, to mirror the mindset and techniques I teach in my self defense classes.  Life got in the way, but that’s okay…that’s what life does, and I have a wonderful one!  It’s time now for me to extend myself, to reach further, and to touch as many people as I can, in hopes of making a difference.

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” – Unknown

Bravery does not mean I am unafraid.  Perseverance doesn’t mean I never feel like giving up.  Do not mistake my kindness for weakness, or my courtesy for cowardice.

This year, I finally am writing the book that has been on my mind and in my heart for so long.  I also will be publishing this weekly blog on self defense, safety and awareness, and if you’d like to be a part of my journey, I welcome you.

I have a passion for self defense…especially for empowering women and helping them make better, safer choices for themselves and their families. Life is both sacred and fragile; let us never take it for granted.

Special thanks to my late father, Jim Hervey; my late instructor, Master Michael Holloway; my instructor, Master Steve Blakeley; and my muse, friend and hero Ruth Rickey.  Thanks also to Master Douglas Arnold for the daruma, who watches my progress with one eye. 🙂

Contact me directly at with questions or comments, or visit for information about my Taekwon-Do classes.


One thought on “Self Defense: Why I Do What I Do.

  1. Steve Blakeley

    Make sure to give a little personal detail as to what motivates u in this adventure, some people like to make a personal connection to what they read, and how it relates in their lives.



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